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Nepomuceno Boys' Home

"for in You the fatherless find compassion."  Hosea 14:3

Since 1963 the Nepo Boys' Home has been caring for orphan boys.  The Nepo Boys' Home does more than feed and clothe the boys who come to the Home.  Boys come to the Home usually by order of a local judge, and they searching for love and care.  When they come, they find people who are ready to minister to their basic needs.  

Many children have come and gone through the long years of ministry.  Within those years there have been the good and bad times. However, God, through His grace and mercy has not forsaken the many children who have sought help during distressing times.

Today, there are 35 children living at the Nepomuceno Home for Boys.  We are thankful for all the workers who have dedicated themselves to ministry of providing hope to children who otherwise would not have the opportunity for a better life today and in the future.


How Can You Help? 

You can pray for the ministry with the boys. 

You can give. 

Please send your donations to: 

ACCF (Apostolic Christian Church Foundation)
1135 Sholey Road
Richmond, Virginia, 23231 

You can send boxes. 

Boxes may be sent to: 

Familia Adonai
Caixa Postal 4
Nepomuceno, MG 37250
BRAZIL, South America 

You can sponsor a child. 

What's new! 

Dear Friends,

Jhonathas is 16 years old, born September 4, 1996, in Campo Belo.  He has brothers and sisters who were adopted, and he is the only one who is not adopted. This has caused him to become bitter because he is in an orphanage while his brothers and sisters were adopted. To this day no one from his family has sought him out or paid any attention to him.  His mom has been in prison since he arrived in 2007.  In the beginning Jhonathas gave us a lot of problems and was very rebellious.  Today he takes his studies seriously.  He plans to study and work and dreams of being a professional soccer player.  He is a little shy, but always happy.  He is a studious young person with challenges, and he is a hard worker.  He likes to play soccer and video games.  He’d love to get braces and make his teeth look more beautiful than they do. J

Pray for Jhonathas.  Pray that he would seek the Lord for his future.

On August 23, the orphanage received a phone call that two of the boys, Caio and Antonio, were leaving, but not to live with their parents. Their parents had lost their parental rights for them and their brothers and sisters.  They left on the 29th and went to live in a shelter with their brothers and sisters.   They were very much caught by surprise as we were.  Antonio cried, but Caio cried and cried and cried.  Please pray for them as they adapt to their new home, that they would get along well with their brothers and sisters and the workers there, and that they would continue to receive help in school and more importantly spiritually.

Juarez Toth


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Nepo Boys' Home
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37250 Nepomuceno, MG; Brazil
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